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My program is not working

1) To see changes from WeBlocks, automatically refresh your Webflow website without cache using CMD+Shift+R or Ctrl+F5 or use Cache Killer Chrome Extension. We are using file caching to make your website run fast.

2) Make sure you are adding a script/code to the footer. JQuery code works only in the footer in Webflow. To make it work in the header or embed code, you must add the JQuery library manually.

3) In this tutorial, I show how to test the WeBlocks program to ensure it works properly.

How to connect WeBlocks with Webflow

1) On a Free plan, you must copy and paste the code manually. Code is available after clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner. Remember about coping WeBlocks library too.

2) On a Lite or Pro plan, you need to copy and paste the script to Webflow once. The script is also available after clicking on the settings icon.

Can I rename/delete the project?

We are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience; we are planning to add this feature asap.

How can I cancel subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time here.

Can I pay only by PayPal?

Yes, at this moment, PayPal is the only way to pay for a subscription, we are working on adding new payments, but it’s not available yet.

Can I add more than one range slider?

This is not possible with WeBlocks yet; we recommend using this solution.

I’m getting DevTools warning

This warning is not making any problem for your program. We are investigating this topic.

I need more than one CMS Slider and it doesn't work

Make sure all classes for CMS collection and slider navigations are different for every slider

"Set Timeout" block doesn't work

This block doesn't work in connection with block "self". Make sure you are defining object without using "self" block.

Can you help me with connecting Airtable to Webflow

We decided to stop focusing on Airtable integration. For this functionality we want to recommend you this tool.

Can I add WeBlocks code to other web builders like Wordpress?

Yes, it is possible to add code to any HTML code, but some functionalities like multi-steps are built especially for Webflow. We are giving the support only for projects made in Webflow.

My WeBlocks project is not saving

WeBlocks data is saved every 7 seconds. We are working on functionality to inform users if data are not saved before quitting the platform.

'Update input' block doesn't work with checkbox and radio inputs

Please, change Webflow input settings from Default to Custom.

How to round the number for range slider output?

You can use "Round number" block, which you can find in Math.

Can I ask you a technical question?

We are not offering custom technical services, but we want to make sure there are no problems or bugs from our side.

For Webflow or coding related questions we recommend using Official Facebok Webflow Forum

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